June Mood


Now that I've finally got a few of these pages up and running (in the loosest sense of the word), I've started to think about what all I want to have on here in terms of regular content. In many ways, this blog serves to alleviate some of the burden on my Instagram followers -- since I'm addicted to stories -- as well as to track my progress in teaching myself new artistic skills.

This little site was one of my goals for the summer, so it feels damn good to have it up and running. I'd love to learn more about how Squarespace operates though, as I've been a Wordpress girl until now.

As for structure: I love the idea of having a mood page. I've gotten big on mood boards, on visual collections of my obsessions. I like having a static explanation of the way that my creative mind works, and a space I defer to when people ask. It's all part of getting to what I want to do and where I want to be.

I don't have a schedule for when I make things. While I've been at home, my creation has been a pretty constant flow. While I don't want to have that disciplined (yet), I would love to have a schedule for when I update the website. As you may see if you've been scrolling through the galleries -- art and calligraphy, respectively -- I'd like to upload new work on Fridays.

My next goal involves getting the shop up and running so I'm no longer handling commissions exclusively through the Instagram (although I'll still continue to do so because it's all about the 'gram.)



grace smith