Grace smith

founder of wls | student 

I'm a student from Tampa, Florida. After starting a book review blog in 2011, I began producing online content like styled book photos and mood boards. For the past few years, WLS has been the umbrella under which I've created different types of art and media. Iā€™m a creative self-starter with an affinity for detail and a passion for aesthetic.

Upon heading to Washington and Lee University in the fall of 2016, I dabbled in the Studio Art department. While I love traditional forms like drawing and printmaking, I'm drawn to hand-lettering and calligraphy. As I became more serious about my artistic style, I began looking for an outlet to develop those abilities more. Because my university is small, many of the software and design-oriented skills that the modern industry requires are simply not offered; this blog is a place for me to work on cultivating those on the side.

I'm looking to find an entertainment, events, or advertising-related niche to utilize my passion for curating atmosphere via strong aesthetics.

My taste veers towards romantic textures, vivid and underexposed colors, and lots of incorporated text. You can find out more about that here.

When not creating, I'm often hiking, reading, or teaching myself to play an instrument.


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