Back to School (Slowly)

Hey y’all!

It’s been a while. Although I expected to somehow be churning out art content as often as I do on my “real” blog, realistically most of my words live over there. I have some posts in the works that I’m brainstorming that feel, most likely, as if they live over here though. How I stay organized, what my latest photo obsessions are, etc,.

In the meantime, I love putting together my mood pages, which are static and in the header bar. My September one especially, since I’ve started embedding songs. I’ve fit some personal bits in there as well as some purely aesthetic moods. Mostly though, I’ve associated September with a slew of sensory details, like the scent of eucalyptus and sweet cream body wash. I can’t wait to get more of those feelings onto the blog somehow.

ALSO, I finally got into an art class that I needed in order to stay on track to be a studio art minor. So I’m happy for my academic track to finally display more of my interests. I’ll be in printmaking this semester, which feels like where I’ll thrive.

Have any ideas of what you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments or via my social media.

grace smith