frequently asked questions



are you still blogging about books?

At the moment, I still consider myself to be mostly a literary blogger. Although I've branched out over the past year to incorporate more of my artistic and lifestyle-oriented interests, my job mostly includes curating reads! For now, I'll still mostly aim to create content for my book review blog.

can i ask you to feature something on instagram?

Absolutely! I'm happy to look at requests. In the past, I've worked with a variety of companies to feature products ranging from furniture to eCards. You can look at my photo taste here and my current obsessions here. I'm always willing to look at featuring products that will appeal to my readers. Contact me here.

how much do you charge for commissions?

I haven't entirely figured out my system for pricing yet, considering the variable expenses for supplies and limited time as a student; thus far, I've worked closely with clients to figure out a mutually beneficial price. Being twenty myself, I'm also willing to offer discounts to students depending on the project. 

are you self-taught?

With the exception of a drawing class and film photography class, I've taught myself all of the art and design featured on here. My calligraphy has evolved from my own handwriting and my lazy day stalking of lettering styles.

will you major or minor in art?

That depends almost exclusively on how much room I have in my schedule (as I'm currently declared a history major.) Part of what I'm dying to do this summer is to create a sustainable way for me to work in art on the side in the styles that I personally would like to carry into my professional life.